What We Do

Our Areas of Expertise

NetSF has eight major business families all of which are of equal importance to the success of the business. Each business family benefits from the expertise of a Technical Director and its operational committee and an HR manager anticipating future developments and trends and proposing collective action plans in terms of professional development: recruitment, training, jobs in development, and bridges between trades.


The transmission team has the responsibility of designing, deploying, supporting, optimizing and maintaining all links and devices that make all mobile sites, or customers from mobile operators we support, able to communicate together.

The transmission team supports all other functions (radio, NOC, customer Care, Central Engineering) of the company and our customers for all that is related to network connectivity: Microwave, fibre, switches, routers …

The stakes are high in terms of network availability, capacity, redundancy but also latency, with new technologies like 5G and network virtualization.

The domain is evolving fast and in order to keep expertise up to date another part of the job is to follow up and anticipate the evolution of technologies such as  vendor roadmap, tools, and research.

Network Radio Support

The main mission of the Radio Support team is to ensure technical support for radio equipment (base stations, controllers) for all teams working on the networks of our partners. As such, the team works in tight collaboration with the main radio suppliers (Huawei, Ericsson, Nokia) in order to maintain the best level of expertise on all technologies, from 2G to 5G.

Beyond technical support, the team is responsible for complex operations on the radio networks and produces technical documentations allowing all technical teams to have a good level of skill on radio equipment.

Radio Optimisation

The mission of the Radio Optimization team is to constantly improve the user experience on the network of our partners


For this purpose, our engineers monitor network performance on all technologies, from legacy 2G to brand new 5G, in order to detect degradations. They also optimise coverage and parameter settings of newly introduced equipment and build network-wide action plans that can impact all network teams in order to globally improve user experience. Optimization engineers also analyse network performance-related user complaints and drive tests.

RF Planning

The RF planning team main missions are the design and dimensioning of mobile operators’ radio access networks.

New site search, in-building design, EMF studies, capacity planning and Nokia/Huawei/Ericsson equipment configuration: Our RF engineers prepare the rollout of the latest 4G/5G technologies on our partners mobile networks.

They coordinate with the local acquisition and rollout project managers before deployment, support the operation team during integration and align with the RF optimization and transmissions teams to build next year’s rollout plans.

With the fast rollout of 5G and mMIMO in Europe, the RF planning team must be a referent within NetSF on the evolution of technologies as well as vendor roadmaps.


OSS as in Operations Support Solutions, Operations Systems Support, Operations Solutions Support, Operations Support Specialists, Open Source Software …

This team is tasked with helping, accompanying and supporting users across a large set of tools, systems and technologies.

Underneath this simple description lies a whole set of hard and soft skills – from handling projects with various teams on complex technologies and accompanying change to deploying and maintaining application and IT platforms, enriching best practices … the list is endless.

Network Supervision Center

Guaranteeing the best availability of our partners’ networks to customers is the mission of the Supervision team.

For this purpose, our engineers monitor all of the network elements as well as all of the services delivered to customers on each of the mobile and landline partner networks.

Our engineers detect any incident or degradation impacting customer experience and initiate and manage the problem’s resolution using the support of the maintenance teams.

International Roaming

The IREG and TADIG testing team are responsible all possible testing scenarios that end user may experience when traveling abroad. We are in contact with all the major telecoms operators throughout the world. The IREG and TADIG team will be involved from when the agreement has been approved to the commercial launch of the different services (2G, 3G, 4G & 5G). We are the mediator between the NJJ group operators and their roaming partners in order to guarantee an optimal service to all users.


The radio and transmission engineers design the best network on paper and we make it a reality! Remotely, we support the roll-out teams of our partners to bring out the latest technology in the field. Choose any kind of operation or technology: new site, capacity upgrades, 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G deployment, IP migration,…or any vendor, and we make it happen, in a fast, reliable, industrial way and with the best KPI.