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#eir won 13 awards out of 15 in the last OpenSignal report. Amazing result!

Ireland – Mobile Network Experience Report- April 2022

Key Findings


Eir wins both upload speed awards : Opensignal’s Irish users observed the fastest average upload speeds on eir’s network — both for 5G Upload Speed and for overall Upload Speed Experience. For 5G Upload Speed, eir scored an impressive 23.7 Mbps, giving it a lead of around 4.8 Mbps (25.3%) over 3 and Vodafone. On Upload Speed Experience, eir wins with a score of 9.7 Mbps — 0.6 Mbps (6.5%) faster than second-placed 3’s 9.1 Mbps


Users found 5G in the most locations when using eir’s network : Eir is the sole winner of the 5G Reach award, as our eir users on average saw a 5G signal in the the highest proportion of locations out of all the locations they visited — with a resulting 3.7 points on a 10-point scale, comfortably ahead of 3 and Vodafone’s statistically tied scores of 1.7-1.8 points.


3 is the outright winner for Excellent Consistent Quality : The highest proportion of tests from users meeting the minimum recommended performance thresholds for watching HD video, completing group video conference calls and playing mobile games was seen on 3’s network — making 3 the sole winner of the Excellent Consistent Quality award. 3 with its score of 73.5% commands a 1.7 percentage point lead over second-placed eir’s score of 71.8%, while Vodafone places third with 68.1%.


The fastest average 5G download speeds were seen by our users with 3 and eir : 3 and eir are joint winners of the 5G Download Speed award with statistically tied scores of 182.3-189.9 Mbps — around double that of Vodafone’s score of 92.4 Mbps.


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Author: Sam Fenwick, Senior Analyst  / Data Collection Period: Nov 01 – Jan 29, 2022


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