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Epic recognized as the Best Mobile Network in Test for the 3rd consecutive time by umlaut!

Epic’s network has been recognized once again as the Best Mobile Network in Test by the international, independent measurements organization umlaut. This award, the third in a row, maintains Epic as the #1 mobile network in test in Cyprus.

The “Best Mobile Network in Test” award was given to Epic based on independent mobile networks benchmark in Cyprus, conducted by umlaut with drive test measurements from 9/12/2021 until 17/12/2021, and crowd-based assessment with data collected from 2/8/21 until 16/1/22.

Epic achieved the highest overall score in the country, with a performance of 891 points (on a scale of 1-1000), based on the sum total of the drive test and crowdsource measurements.

For the first time in Cyprus, umlaut conducted measurements with the drive test method, by simulating mobile subscribers’ normal usage, carried out with special scientific equipment (drive test tools) in cities and villages, but also on the country’s main roads. Through these measurements, Epic also achieved the highest score in the individual evaluations of Mobile Internet and voice services.

The methodology and results of umlaut independent measurements are recognized in more than 120 countries as the de facto industry standard and are utilized by numerous leading telecommunication organizations to evaluate and improve their networks.

Hakan Ekmen, CEO Telecommunication at umlaut, said: ” Congratulations to Epic for their achievements enhancing the mobile network quality in Cyprus, with an overall score of 891 points. umlaut’s Mobile Benchmark, the de-facto industry standard, evaluates digital infrastructure around the world fairly and transparently. With our unique methodology, we highlight the quality and performance of mobile networks to improve the experience of their customers.”

Epic’s CEO, Thanos Chronopoulos stated that: “We are proud of the new distinction from umlaut, as this recognition confirms the high quality of our network and our commitment to provide a top communication experience. The third award in a row seals the undisputed quality of Epic’s mobile network. At the same time, it is a strong encouragement to continue to offer a reliable and state-of-the-art network, as well as products and services at the highest level so that everyone can enjoy an epic communication experience.

Epic, as the #1 mobile network in test in Cyprus, will continue with the same passion and consistency to pave the way of growth and to constantly respond to the growing needs of the subscribers. In this digital era we live in, we will continue to be a pioneering company, challenging ourselves daily to always deliver to our subscribers unique products and services, which substantially and functionally improve their daily lives.”

Source : – posted on: 16/02/2022

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