We promised a great network for an epic communication experience.

Epic has been awarded the “Best Mobile Network in Test” certification for its mobile network by the globally recognized network measurements and testing company, umlaut.

umlaut is one of the largest and most credible companies in the world when it comes to quality benchmarking of telecommunications networks. umlaut’s benchmarking results concerning the performance of mobile telephony networks are recognized by over 120 countries as the de facto standard of the field and are utilized by numerous top telecom providers.

This certification was awarded to epic following an extensive evaluation of the local mobile networks through a series of consecutive measurements and quality checks that lasted 24 weeks, specifically during the period November 4, 2019 to April 19, 2020.

According to the overall score, epic ranked the #1 mobile network in Cyprus.

We continue our network investments so we can provide our subscribers with coverage all over Cyprus, fast mobile internet speeds and voice services of the highest quality for uninterrupted communication.


For the certıfıcation “Best Mobile Network in Test” and more information on methodology and measurement results please visit: www.umlaut.com/en/benchmarking/cyprus